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  1. Ray
    October 31, 2017

    I just returned from San Miguel de Allende and was astonished by how much foreigners were paying for homes (TWICE AS MUCH OR MORE THAN USA). This city was just named the best in the world, so you have lots of tourists from Mexico City, the USA and Canada. As a result many long term apartment rentals are now AirBNB, where the owner can get s much for a weekend as a month. I stayed with a couple who are renting a 2 bedroom apartment and rent one room for $35/night. I was discourage by the challenge to find a long-term rental and did not find many ex-pats younger than 65. The ex-pats I did meet seemed to frequent many of the same bars/restaurants. I could see myself getting bored in San Miquel de Allende. I also lived in Panama but have not been to Costa Rica…it seems both countries have been discovered- more so Costa Rica…as wealth comes prices rise and locals can’t afford to live in their home towns. While the beaches are beautiful, they are not as beautiful on hot sweltering days. I will go to Medellin Colombia next.


    • paradise
      November 1, 2017

      Keep me posted on how it is! I agree with you about SMA, which is why I left.


  2. Katia
    May 31, 2018

    From my expirience if one expects moving to Costa Rica and expects some of the luxaries like in Ameria. Example good roads, nice accomodation and not takimg into accaunt about the rain forest ( meaning not to expect animals getting close to you) so on is deffenetly not a place for one. And of course if you cant afford 1,500 a month for better accomodation. For me i love it, and i get easy adjusted to a diifernt lufe style, because i came from a Country that is worst than Costa Rica. And love walking throug jungles. This is my say if i get attacked by an animal it was my choice to be in their territory, of course i dont wishh that. So if one cant adjust , then yes Costa Rica is not for you. Staying in America one has more places for jugging. When eating outside if $4 is to much, the ibviously your budget does not allow you to live there. Me personaly say Costa Rica is one if the most lovely places to live. And will recomend it to does who can afford 1,500 or more. For me living in the US is stressful, health insurance 600 a month, rent 895, car insurance, gas, maitanence to live comfortable here one needs to make over 3,000 a month and not a very safe place to live, the montly shootings in shool, and most having guns, now in Costa Rica that does not excist , they dont have an army, just that gives me piece of mind. There is a reason why they say PURA VIDA pure life.


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