BALI, INDONESIA - DECEMBER 5, 2017: Holy spring water. People praying in the Tirta Empul temple. Bali.

7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali

Anyone who has read Eat Pray Love knows about the spiritual side of Bali. If you travel to Bali, you can’t help but feel the spirituality that is present there.

Bali is a sacred place where people often find answers to questions that they have been asking and learn more about themselves. The people who live there are much more in touch with their spiritual side. They spend their days creating offerings, giving thanks and prayers, and by doing everything in a mindful way. Here are seven spiritual ways to experience Bali:

7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali

7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali

1.  The Healers

Val with Bali

Bali’s traditional healers are called balians and they will help heal physical and mental imbalances by treating the imbalances of energy in the body and the energy field. They usually use intense deep massage, energy healing, intuitive readings, and sometimes even pokes with a sharp stick to find the imbalances in your body and to heal them. These healers definitely have a gift and have changed many people’s lives.

2.  Organic Healthy Restaurants

7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali

Bali is know for it’s healthy and organic restaurants. Most of these are in Ubud, but you can also find healthy eating in other parts of Bali, too. In Sanur, you can go to Greenleaf Warung Organic. In Denpasar, the Loving Hut is a good choice. And, in Ubud, you have many organic restaurants to choose from such as Clear Cafe, Atman Kafe, Alchemy, Sari Organik, and Down To Earth just to mention a few.

3.  Yoga

Yoga is everywhere in Bali. In Ubud, the most well-known spot is Yoga Barn, but you can also find excellent classes at Taksu and Bodyworks as well. In Amed, Apneista Freediving & Yoga is a great place to take classes.

4.  Sound Healings

If you’ve never had a sound healing, it’s definitely something you should experience. You are bathed in sound by tibetan bowls, voices, and acoustic instruments and taken on a ride which relaxes the body and balances the mind. Great places in Ubud include Light Spirit and Yoga Barn.

5.  Ecstatic Dance

What a better way to heal than through free movement to great music among a beautiful community? You can find several ecstatic dance classes throughout Bali, but my favorite classes are the ones in Ubud at Radiantly Alive and at Yoga Barn.

6.  Take A Balinese Offering Lesson

7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali

One of my favorite parts of Bali are the offerings you see absolutely everywhere. Whenever I see them, they often remind me to stop and give thanks. There are many classes offered where you can learn to make a Balinese offering.  I think that if you take this class, you will never look at a Balinese offering the same way again.

7.  Go On A Walk Through The Rice Fields

7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali

There is no better meditation than getting lost in the rice fields. For me, there is no place more peaceful in Bali. Also, you are also likely to see ducks around who like to make their homes in the rice paddies. In Penestanan, near Ubud, you can even rent a few Javanese joglos that are right in the middle of the rice fields. It’s impossible to spend time in the rice fields and to miss the spiritual energy that is Bali.

7 Spiritual Ways To Experience Bali