Where to Stay in Denver

Where to Stay in Denver

There’s not necessarily a wrong choice when it comes to deciding where to stay in the Mile High City. Your living plans in Denver are likely dependent on what brings you to the city. But whether you’re here for family, business, or just to see whether the city lives up to its reputation, there’s an upscale travel apartment waiting for you. And between us, although there’s no wrong way to stay in Denver, we’re here to tell you about the right way to stay on top in the Mile High City.


“What the heck is a LoDo?” is probably what you’re asking yourself right now. Is it a new species of bird? A baking shop? What? Fear not, citizen, for answers are forthcoming. LoDo is a neighborhood in Denver. Specifically, it’s the best neighborhood in Denver. What makes LoDo unique is that it isn’t an officially registered neighborhood – rather, it is a conglomeration of the coolest parts of lower Downtown. Mile High City natives got sick of not having a way to refer to this particularly cool section of Denver, and thus the term LoDo was born. But what makes LoDo the best neighborhood in Denver? What attractions does it have to warrant your spending your hard-earned cash on a travel apartment within the neighborhood’s unofficial boundary lines? Let’s take a peek at just a fraction of what LoDo has to offer.

Larimer Square

Don’t fret – Larimer Square is a whole lot more than a weird semi-rhyme. In fact, it’s not so much a square as it is a historic several blocks of Denver. Historians and architecture enthusiasts alike will appreciate that Larimer Square hosts the oldest buildings in all of Denver. Worry not, youthful adventurers, for Larimer Square is also one of the most bustling attractions in the Mile High City. Famous shops, boutiques, and restaurants are all grouped together in this small section of LoDo, all for your amusement. Have fun exploring Larimer Square!

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

For almost a quarter century, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, or MCA Denver as it’s known locally, has strived to bring the best in modern art to the people of Denver. And it’s been quite successful. Today, MCA Denver is renowned for its contributions to the culture of the Mile High City. The MCA Denver hosts local, national, and international works of art, displayed through rotating exhibitions and public educational programs. If you have any interest in the arts, or in culture in general, prioritize a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

Coors Field

This one is cheating a little bit. Technically, Coors Field is outside of LoDo. However, since the back fence rubs against the invisible LoDo neighborhood line, and since you can easily walk to Coors Field from any travel apartment in LoDo, it seemed fair game to include in this list. Coors Field is unlike any sporting attraction you’ve ever been to. Sure, you can yell at your favorite baseball team any day of the week. But how often do you get to do it right alongside 50,397 other fans? Suck down a healthy (or unhealthy) portion of beer and brats while you’re enjoying the game, all with the knowledge that you won’t even have to worry about finding a ride home because you’ll be living so close. As an added bonus, since Denver is precisely one mile above sea level, there’s less air resistance, meaning Coors Field is one of the best places for heavy hitters to swing for the fences. Hey, maybe you can even break your personal batting record!

Travel Apartments

Okay, by now you know why it’s in your best interest to stay in LoDo. Of course, now you’re probably wondering about where to stay in LoDo Denver. The link we just provided should help you out with that. Travel apartments are quickly becoming one of the trendiest places to stay while visiting a new city. Here’s a quick breakdown of the reasons you’ll definitely want a travel apartment while in the Mile High City.


Unlike hotels, motels, and most other popular methods of staying in a new city, travel apartments are entirely private. Every one of the travel apartments linked above contains a private washer and dryer, along with a fully stocked personal kitchen. You don’t have to worry about being interrupted by housekeeping – or really about seeing anyone you don’t explicitly want to see.


Your travel apartment is just that: yours. You get to customize it as you see fit (within reason), and it has a grand appearance no matter what. High ceilings, natural light, and large windows will let you appreciate every inch of your upscale apartment. The travel apartments in LoDo also have more amenities than you can count, so look forward to discovering those!

Just like that, you’re all set to decide where you want to stay in LoDo Denver! Aside from picking out which travel apartment you want, the last thing to decide is what kinds of snacks to bring along for your trip. We like to support eating healthy when on the road, so check out that article to see what healthy treats you can pack for your trip to Denver!