Zipolite - This Way To Paradise

My Time At Zipolite Beach

Zipolite sunrise

Of all the places I’ve been in Mexico, Zipolite was my favorite.  It’s on the Southern Coast of Oaxaca and is about as far as away from your typical touristy Mexican beach town as you can get.  I enjoyed its bohemian vibe, relaxed energy, and the stunning golden light.  Now, I see what artists and painters mean when they say they go to Oaxaca for its light.  It truly is magical.

Oaxaca beach chair and mural

To get there, I flew into Huatulco Airport and took a cab to Zipolite.  One very helpful word of advice.  Don’t hail a cab at the airport. Walk down the road a bit to where the bus stop is. All kinds of cabs will surround you and let you barter for a better price.  I paid half of what I would have had to pay at the airport.  You can also take a bus to Zipolite to which is even cheaper.

Zipolite girl with baby turtle

 Zipolite is also known for its sea turtles.  I happened to be there when some babies had just hatched!  The man at the coconut water stand was caring for them until it was time to release them into the ocean, and his daughter enjoyed my excitement over seeing them.

Zipolite Sunset

I stayed at the lovely El Alquimista Cabanas when I was there.  I think staying at this hotel was part of what made my stay so lovely. The hotel is located on its own little cove of the beach and is sheltered by rocks. I had my own cabana just steps from the sea.  The sound of the ocean waves each night lulled me to sleep, and the beautiful sunrises each morning gently awakened me.  The special thing about this beach was that you could see the sun set and rise from the same place.

Playa Zipolite is also known as “beach of the dead”.  There can be a lot of dangerous currents, and it was incredible sight to watch the ocean waves intersect and bisect each other in a way that I had never seen before. There were, however, safe areas for swimming.  I enjoyed body surfing in the waves each day.  The hotel also offered yoga and some of the most delicious food that I ate in all of Oaxaca!

Zipolite goddess

I enjoyed the whimsical and spiritual aspects of this beach.  Shambala is a well-known spiritual retreat center that I hiked up the hill to each morning to watch the sun come up.  If you like off the beaten path places that have a different energy than other places you might have explored, you will absolutely love Zipolite!

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