Playing And Tracking The Lottery While Traveling

Playing And Tracking The Lottery While Traveling

The lottery is a popular past time, not only for the chance to win large sums of money, but also for the excitement a good game of chance can bring. If you’re like a lot of people, playing the lottery can become a regular hobby you engage in and enjoy the excitement it brings, potential prizes, and the challenge of picking good numbers. With modern advancements in smartphones and cellular technology, you’re never too far away from the information you need and this includes playing the lottery. Many of the largest and most well-known lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions can be tracked online.

This easy accessibility makes playing the lottery easy no matter where you are and allows you to stay in the game even when you’re on vacation or traveling. Before downloading an app to your phone however, it pays to be well informed about how these apps work and what you need to use them.

Using Apps While Traveling Things To Keep In Mind

When you travel several different factors can affect your ability to access online lottery apps and cellular phone apps in general as lotteries are time-sensitive knowing this can save you frustration. When traveling always be aware of cellular coverage and the availability of WiFi if you are styling at a hotel. Not all cellular providers have domestic coverage everywhere and when traveling internally roaming fees can be very high but luckily some cellular carriers do have international coverage. No matter where you’re at there is likely some way to access your apps and play lotteries like Mega Millions and Powerball on your phone, just be aware of what these methods are and if any fees are associated with this.

Using Lottery Apps

Tracking the Mega Millions and Powerball vial app allows a higher degree of interaction and tracking results than just reading the results later. A key feature of certain lottery apps is the ability to scan purchased lottery tickets into them or enter the numbers manually allowing you to match the winning numbers to your tickets. This makes tracking the results far easier when traveling as the app will automatically inform you if your tickets are winners. Lottery apps are available on both Android and Apple devices and no matter your phone platform of choice and many of the apps are easy to use and very well developed as they receive regular updates to add new features and increased security.     

Limitations Of These Apps

When using lottery apps there are still limitations on how they work and what you have access to in terms of buying tickets and tracking your results. The most obvious limitation is that you cannot purchase lottery tickets through the app itself those still have to be purchased in person, however, once purchased you can easily enter your ticket numbers into the app and track the results as they occur. There has been talk over the years of adding ticket purchases but with different state laws and local jurisdictions to consider the idea is yet to be implemented nationwide.

State Laws And Online Ticket Sales

That being said more states are adding online components to their lottery systems and seven states (North Carolina, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Michigan, Georgia, and Illinois) currently allow the purchase of single lottery tickets. Also, two other states (Virginia and New York) allow subscription services with deposit and timeframe requirements.

The process has been slow going as some states have had the reverse happen such as Minnesota where the Minnesota Lottery started selling tickets online in early 2014 buy online lottery sales were voted illegal in May of 2015 by state lawmakers removing lottery tickets from online sales soon after. It should be noted that the Minnesota Lottery started such sales without any legislative approval and states where bills were introduced has led to the legalization of online ticket sales in the 9 states noted previously.

Final Thoughts

As the above shows lotteries are more accessible and easier to play than ever thanks to the use of modern technology, the internet, and cellular apps. If you’re fortunate enough to live in one of the states where you can buy lottery tickets online than playing the lottery is rather easy due to the ease of making online purchases. Even if you’re not from a state that allows such purchases apps make the process far smoother with ticket number entry that automatically tracks results and informs you if you have a winning ticket. This type of automation makes playing easy even as you travel and enjoy your vacation.