Is Niagara Falls Worthy Of Being Your Bucket List Travel Destination?

Is Niagara Falls Worthy Of Being Your Bucket List Travel Destination?

The United States is a big, vast country with plenty of open spaces and charming destinations. If you are an American citizen, it may take you a while to travel to all the places on your bucket list. Niagara Falls surely has to be one of those locations you want to keep on your travel bucket list.

Because there is a lot of ground to cross, you’d expect to reach desired destinations by the quickest method available. However, some expeditions are worth the additional effort. The romantic sentiment you might be familiar with – a concept of road trip – is a particularly enjoyable idea for traveling long distances. Some of the timeless travel destinations, such as The Great Canyon, Disney World, Las Vegas, or Mount Rushmore, seem perfect for the occasion. Whether you want to pack a truckload of your friends aboard or rent the whole RV to make room for even more, Niagara Falls has to be considered as one of the goals for your journey.

The first and foremost activities to be relished in such a place include enjoying the views in a way that best suits your needs. You can sign up for some official tours, like jet boat tour or Underground Railroad Heritage tour, appreciate the nature from up close with fancy helicopter rides, or walk around one of the beautiful parks – Whirlpool State Park and Devil’s Hole State Park. And of course, Niagara Falls State Park which is the oldest state park in the country.

There are, of course, plenty of places to stay around there that offer all kinds of entertainment. Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino, located close to the mighty waterfalls, has something planned for all year round. Various events that the establishment hosted in the past include music performances and concerts, boxing galas, comedy shows, and even poker tournaments. Among some other interesting spots to go to, and activities to experience, we should single out: Old Fort Niagara, Niagara Power Authority (Nikola Tesla hydro-electric plant), Aquarium of Niagara, and probably the best attraction here – Cave of the Winds that include 175 feet elevator ride into the gorge.

Apart from the question about which side is better, American or Canadian, there is also one about whether the whole trip is worth an effort. Of course, the bigger waterfalls in Canada make up for more impressive sight. There’s indeed more to see there, but the natural wonder to marvel at available on the US territory is something to appreciate just the same. Besides, because of the smaller size, it is less crowded and feels quieter in there. If those aren’t better conditions to look upon the magnificent creations of nature, I don’t know what are.

In the end, every fellow traveler will have to decide for themselves whether this is a place worth even a quick visit. Undoubtedly, there are spots out there that may be more appealing to specific requisites explorers have. But as traveling bucket lists go, Niagara Falls seems like something we’d rather regret not seeing.