How To Choose A Hotel

How To Choose A Hotel

It’s funny how hotel appreciation seems to come with age. Much like any meal at a restaurant will do when you’re aged 16, compared to the expectations and decision making you go through when browsing the menu aged 35, the difficult choice over which hotel to book will creep up on you more and more with every passing year of travel experience.

Before we get started today, it’s probably worth mentioning that travel decisions are made all the more challenging due to the ongoing effects of coronavirus. Travel restrictions are put in place with very little notice, and plans may have to be cancelled or changed – check out this relevant info on a travel refund if you have been affected. Otherwise, let’s press on and discover how to choose a hotel.

Your expectations cannot be met if your hotel choice is incorrect 

The advice here is to know thyself. Whether you’re the kind of person who just wants to be smiled at and given a key to your room and left alone, or whether you want a family feel to your hotel with staff that you call by name, you need to know that not all boxes can be ticked under one roof. To that end, be sure to give a moment’s thought towards whether you want a hotel that’s 15 storys tall with glass elevators and retail in the lobby, or whether you want something more homely. Getting this part right at the start means what comes next stands a higher chance of meeting your expectations.

There’s four things you’ll likely need – make sure to check if they’re available 

If you really don’t know what to expect from your hotel, or if you don’t mind what you end up with and you turn up somewhat blind, there are four things that will nevertheless increase the likelihood of you reporting back to your friends that the hotel was worth every penny. Those four things are parking, breakfast, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning.

Starting in reverse order, rooms without air-con in the summer are going to keep you up at night. This is an issue, because you’ll want to open your window for air, and the second you do, a conga line of local wildlife will stream into your room, including twelve mosquitos, six spiders, an inquisitive pigeon, and a dragon. Always ask if air-con is available.

Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking are more self-explanatory, but do always check if breakfast is included in the price, as all too often your advertised morning repas will come at an additional cost. 

Don’t believe the location hype – check the map 

Hotels are not going to highlight that they are “located probably about an hour’s walk from anything you’ll actually want to see or do, to be honest, and the local travel links are abysmal – plus we’re on a steep hill so going out is easy but coming back will test your calves, enjoy!”. Check the map. See what you’re in for. Don’t believe the self-promotion that hotels pump out about having a “central” location.