Discover The Best Luxury Golf Vacation Rentals

Discover The Best Luxury Golf Vacation Rentals

When going on a golf trip to the Caribbean, or anywhere for that matter, the accommodation is just as important as the course. Finding the right golf resort is crucial to the trip, as there are more things to consider than a regular holiday.

The resort must be home to a great golf course. A course that has picture-perfect natural features, challenging holes and great amenities (it’s a time for relaxation and socializing after all).

The Accommodation

As mentioned above, for most of us, the accommodation is always going to be as important as the golf course. The Riviera Maya Golf Club in Mexico encapsulates this idea and is a perfect example of a golf holiday.

It has luxury apartments and villas to rent – large spaces with their own private pools, kitchens and so on. The appeal here is that it is like being at home. There is significantly more privacy with rentals than hotels, and space is much more economical. Generally, golfers on holiday look for comfort over anything, and staying in a luxury apartment certainly provides that.

There is no worry of noisy neighbors, service hiccups and lack of space. Vacation rentals like these have the golf course right next to it – meaning the journey is short, but also the environment is embedded in nature; certainly quieter than a hotel.

The idea is to combine leisure and sports. Often, golf clubs and golfing holidays are only suitable for high-level and experienced golfers – they’re not the most welcoming places. They also only tend to focus on the golf only, neglecting the down-time and evenings. Places like the Riviera Maya Golf Club have switched this up a little. They have made it accommodating to both professionals and beginners, by introducing leisure and comfort. The apartments mean you can bring along a whole family because they’re big enough. This is a great way for people to start learning golf, a remarkable first place to begin their hobby.

Riviera Maya Golf Club

Of course, the golf is still the reason why you’re going on this holiday, and state-of-the-art grounds and facilities are to be expected. The Riviera Maya Golf Club remains a great example to refer to. The 27-hole course was designed by Robert Trent Jones II, known around the world as an expert golf course architect.

When you get expertise and design like this mixed with beautiful and exotic natural surroundings, you get the perfect course. The course is set by the Mayan jungle that has natural lakes, cenotes, and incredible weather.

Importantly, there is transport to and from the area. This is obviously necessary but is something many underestimate when choosing their own resort or rental that is not right on top of the course.

There is a 9-hole course for morning and midday sessions that the beginners may feel more comfortable using, plus an 18-hole 72-par course which is as challenging as it is memorable.

The golf club has a modern cafe where you can enjoy drinks afterward. This is what ties everything together. Golf holidays such as this understand that you will not be lounging around the hotel eating and drinking – you will inevitably be in the club cafe when socializing after around. This makes hotels redundant to the extent where your own villa is much more useful.