Beaches You Should Absolutely Visit in Mozambique

Beaches You Should Absolutely Visit in Mozambique

If you have always wanted to visit Africa but just do not know where to begin, Mozambique is a stunningly beautiful country worthy of your consideration. If you love serene beaches and natural landscape environments, this is the country for you. In fact, there are roughly 2,5000 kilometers of shoreline to enjoy throughout Mozambique. Add that to the seemingly endless number of islands that reside offshore and it is easy to understand why Mozambique has become so popular with beach lovers the world over. Here are some of the main beaches that you really must see when you visit this idyllic African nation.

Tofo Beach in the Inhambane Province

If you love offshore diving, then this is a wonderful beach for you. Before you head to the area, you will want to easily transfer money to Africa. That is how you will know you have the funds to rent your scuba gear, so there is no need to bring your own. Of course, Tofo Beach is beautiful for the non-divers as well. You will be greeted by golden sand almost as far as the eye can see. If you go a bit further down, you will also encounter Tofinho, This is a word class surfing spot, so you can see that you can do it all right here in Mozambique.

Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago

You will find this most scenic island to be just a little to the east of Vilanculos. Here is where you will come up close and personal with the sand dunes that are endemic to this region of the country. That will eventually end up taking you to a stretch of white sand beach that extends for roughly two miles. You will also be able to see the spectacular coral reef that runs the length of the island as well. As the second largest archipelago in Mozambique, there are countless beaches here to enjoy, each with turquoise water that is clear for as far as the eye can see. There is also some great unique sea life here as well, being home to the only population of dugong in all of Africa. Again, remember to easily transfer money to Africa so that you are able to enjoy your island holiday.

Wimbe Beach in Pemba

Wimbe Beach is located on the coastal edge of Pemba. You will find a stretch of sand here that is lined from top to bottom with some of the most beautiful palm trees that you have ever laid your eyes on. This is a beach that is popular with the locals, so it is a great way to experience traditional Mozambique culture. You will find many seafood stalls lining the beach, serving up a fresh array of the daily catch. There are many festivities that regularly take place here, so it is a more exciting and intoxicating environment than some of the other beaches that we have mentioned here.

Inhaca Island in Maputo Bay

One other beach area in Mozambique worth mentioning here is Inhaca Island. In addition to the white sand, you will find dune forests, mangroves, corals reefs, and mudflats to enjoy during your stay here. This is a great place for bird watchers as well. More than 300 different species call this island home. As you can tell, there are some great beaches in Mozambique. You will definitely enjoy your stay in the country if you are able to visit one or all of these destinations. Remember to pack all of your beach gear and get ready for the holiday of a lifetime.