Bali’s Top Five Summer Activities

Bali’s Top Five Summer Activities

Bali is the popular, beautiful province of Indonesia and is on almost every tourist’s travel bucket list. If Indonesia is on your travel list, why not visit Bali during your time there and buy a ticket to Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport? The airport is located about thirteen kilometres south of Denpasar and serves as the main airport in Bali, and once you land, here are a few ideas of summer activities to get involved in during your trip.

1 Learn how to cook a Balinese dish

Bali is known for its highly-seasoned, delicious cuisine, so why not sign up for a cooking class or two and receive training from professional and local chefs who are masters in their culinary skills. Check out the Anika Balinese Cooking Class in Kuta, the Chef Bagus Balinese Cooking Class or the Will Meyrick Cooking Class. Some of these classes also offer tours to the local markets so you can see first-hand the source of the ingredients you will eventually use in your cooking.

Please check online for the various prices and times of these classes, as these details will vary depending on the chefs.

2 Release baby sea turtles into the wild

If you have kids and are looking for a safe activity to keep your children interested, why not check out the work being done by the Bali Sea Turtle Society? The conservation society’s mission is to preserve and protect Bali’s endangered sea turtles. It is run by local Indonesians who involve and train the local community to protect and preserve these marine creatures. The society-run conservation programme relocates sea turtle eggs and monitors their development and hatching. Once a nest of turtles has hatched, the society posts Facebook updates to let interested people know of the release dates and times. So if you and your kids would like to assist in releasing newly hatched turtles into the wild, keep an eye on their Facebook page and get ready for an experience you will never forget.

3 Visit the local waterfalls

An endless series of waterfalls are dotted around Bali – there seems to be one everywhere you turn! Why not make a list of all the waterfalls in your area, perhaps pay a local guide so you don’t get lost, and discover the stunning vistas and clear waters each waterfall provides. You are bound to be in awe of the landscapes and views you will get from visiting these naturesque beauties and the photographs you may take are sure to be worth more than a thousand words.

4 Visit the local markets

Bali is rich with culture and another place to explore the vibrant heritage of this island is in its markets. Make another list of all the markets that may be situated near your hotel and resort, explore on foot and treat yourself to fresh fruit, brightly-patterned clothing and a souvenir or gift to take home to your friends and family.

5 Swim with sharks

Last but not least, if you’re feeling extremely adventurous, check out Bali’s very own marine adventure, The Serangan Shark Project, an eco-friendly, family-friendly, nature attraction situated at Serangan Island on the southern coast of Denpasar. Visitors are carefully guided in their interaction with the sharks, and if they are bold enough, they can feed and swim with the sharks during the associated  three-hour tour offered by the project’s conservation nursery. The experience is great for all ages and experience levels and also includes a visit to the Turtle Conservation and Education Center.

Admission fees and opening and closing times can be found on the project’s official website.

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