Pictures From Gili Meno

Pictures From Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the quiet island.  It has the best beaches of the three Gili Islands, and is the only one of the three islands with rooms on the beach.  Gili Meno is a place to visit if you just want to spend time getting lost in your own thoughts, enjoying the beautiful scenery, listening to the lapping waves, and watching the world go by.

Getting on the ferry from Gili Meno

So glad I had my tetanus shot!

Lost in thought on Gili Meno

Building A House Of Bamboo

Dr. Seuss Tree

Clear Waters

Perfect calm

Sail Away With Me

The Road To Forever

Coffee Break

Gili Butterfly

Botel, the artist

Botel loves his coffee!

Sea turtle sanctuary

Coconut Juice Break

Gili Dreaming

Chicken Sate and Chips



Gili waves


Purple Flowers

Little Grass Shack

Hammock Time

Botel’s Artwork


Val and Botel

Java Boys…