How To Stay Safe While Working Abroad

How To Stay Safe While Working Abroad

Cheap air travel and advancements in technology have both have made working abroad more accessible than ever. Not only can we travel more widely, but we can view maps online and translate languages, all at the click of a button. However, being in unfamiliar surroundings makes you vulnerable. Make sure you take any safety equipment with you, as it may not be to the same standard abroad.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help you to keep safe while working abroad. Many things are the same no matter where you are. Although some things might change from place to place, such as dangerous insects or safety signs. If you are starting your own business abroad then always be sure to have your safety signs clear and unobstructed as a law precaution – see for more.

Do your research

Most importantly, do your research around wherever you are going. Some places might have different laws then what you are used to. For example, countries with a strong religious presence may require you to cover your shoulder and legs. Some countries may also have different rules when it comes to drinking and smoking. For example, in Ghana you shouldn’t smoke in public or in Thailand you can only purchase alcohol at certain times of the day.

Also, do your research about your job. Don’t leave home for a job abroad until you know that it is legitimate and safe.

Keep your equipment safe

Anywhere you travel to you should keep your belongings safe. Especially anything you need for work such as your laptop or safety equipment. Avoid keeping your phone in your back pocket and make sure your bag is closed. You may also want to invest in a bag that you can lock up. Take extra care on public transport, you should lock anything important to your chair.

Get insurance

Decent travel insurance will ensure that you are protected if anything goes wrong. This is particularly important if you are working abroad. You may be able to ensure your more expensive items as well.

Stay healthy

Some places may have different diseases, so be sure that you get all of the injections that are recommended for where you are traveling.

Another important tip is to practice good hygiene. Always wash your hand and carry anti-bacterial sanitizer. You should also be aware of eating and drinking out. Aim to go to busy places. Check the quality of water of where you are going, you may not be able to drink it straight from the tap. If this is the case you should also avoid salads or other uncooked foods that could have been washed with tap water.

Update friends and family

Always let your family know where you are and what you plan on doing. Especially if you are going on any hikes or doing any adventurous activities. If the worst were to happen and you got lost or injured, someone must know where you have been. Another idea might be to tell people where you are staying.

Be prepared

If you are going hiking or going off the beaten track, be prepared for every eventuality. Have a way to purify water and shelter yourself.