BALI, INDONESIA - DECEMBER 5, 2017: Holy spring water. People praying in the Tirta Empul temple. Bali.

This Giveaway Is Going to Take You to Bali – For Free

Ever dreamed of traveling to an exotic place like Bali, taking in the local culture, visiting the traditional healers, basking in the famed cuisine, communing with the monkeys at the Monkey Forest, and relaxing in the warm sun at one of the many tropical beaches?

Well, it’s time to get excited because I just learned about an opportunity for you to do all of this for FREE! Amazing, right? I know!

Don’t worry. I’m not going to keep you waiting. Here’s the 411:

Bali Giveaway

The giveaway is being hosted by friend and fellow travel lover, Candy Tolentino. She is launching a new book, “How to Win the Game of Life After 40Proven Techniques to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness NOW”. To celebrate, she’s hosting two retreats in Bali – one inspired by this very blog! ( They’re titled “The Ultimate Healing Retreat “for women, and the “Ultimate Adventure Retreat,” for singles.

The retreats both include accommodations at exquisite resorts, visits to jungle forests, local tours, beach excursions, and places where you are able to heal your soul and body with ancient Balinese rituals, while basking in the energy and spirit that makes a visit to Bali so unique.

During the Ultimate Healing Retreat, additionally workshops will be included on healing your relationship with food, tapping into the subconscious mind to ease old wounds, nurturing self-esteem, finances, and other concepts to help you unleash your true spiritual potential. You will also have the opportunity to have appointments with at least 3 traditional Balinese Energy Healers, also known as “Balians”. You can add-on visits to a Balinese chiropractor, acupressurist, and other healers hand-chosen by the retreat host as based on her personal experiences with them.

Unlike standard traveling experiences, this is a chance to enlighten both body and mind. Perfect for the solo traveler, all will be welcomed as family, and life-time friendships and bonds are sure to be made by the end of the retreats.

For those interested in these special events, and especially, the chance to win one INCLUDING AIRFARE, completely FREE, go to and simply join her mailing list to enter! The winner will be selected at random from her mailing list on or about March 15, 2018 on Facebook Live.

You should also know that she’ll be offering on-going “magical life” retreats to exotic places all over the globe, and that early bird discounts including 50% OFF the regular price of the Bali retreats are happening now! Worth noting, INCLUDED in EITHER of these retreats are:

  • TWO spa treatments

  • Daily enriching breakfasts with juice/coffee/tea included

  • Dinners at some of the most beautiful locales you have ever seen

  • Relaxing yoga classes

  • Tours immersing you into Balinese culture

  • A visit(s) to a traditional Balinese HEALER

  • A top-rated Balinese cooking class

  • Socializing events 

  • Workshops on creating a more magical life

  • And much more!

We don’t get to experience getaways like these every day! So, definitely take advantage of this free offer, and even get in on the early bird specials if you can! (Ps: Should the winner of the free vacation already have signed up for the trip to take advantage of the early bird pricing, all money will be refunded).

I hope this info has been helpful and that if you make it to Bali, and especially to the Traditional Balinese Healers, that you will find it to be as enriching and life changing as I did.