How to Get the True Caribbean Experience

How to Get the True Caribbean Experience

Luxury resorts and package holidays have watered down the authentic Caribbean experience in years gone by.

Experiencing the true beauty of this stunning part of the world however is still possible: from culinary delights to hidden beaches, enjoy the Caribbean how the locals enjoy the Caribbean.

Take to Nature

Leave the sunbathers on the beach and take to one of the Caribbean’s beautiful hiking trails. The island of Martinique offers a unique topography, perfect for hikers who want to experience a range of terrains from dormant volcanoes to lush rainforests. The small village of Grand Riviere in the North of the country offers an unspoiled landscape, popular with locals. Lush flora and beautiful waterways twist their way through this picturesque village, offering the authentic Caribbean flavour.

Eat like a Local

Whilst Ackee and Saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica, it has become widely popular in the UK and USA. Delve a little deeper into the street food of the Caribbean to find the true local treats. A favourite on the streets of twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago is Bake and Shark, which is essentially a shark sandwich.

Made from small, filleted sharks, Bake and Shark is enjoyed much like the population of the UK and US enjoys burgers with a range of different toppings and condiments.

Eschew the stereotypical coconut cocktails and wash down the shark treat with Peanut Punch – a traditional Caribbean beverage made from peanut butter, milk and sugar.

See Everything and Everyone

Forget the lackadaisical lifestyle of the Caribbean perpetuated by travel magazines and get active, seeing everything and everyone you can. Visit as many of the island as possible and immerse yourself in with the locals wherever possible over a Carib beer and a game of cricket.

A cruise around the Caribbean with a multi-excursion itinerary will allow you to take in a comprehensive selection of the islands.      Cruise 1st has a selection of regional cruises, including a trip that takes in 7 of the islands in 7 days of cruising.

Visit the Smallest Island

The tiny island of Mustique may only measure 2.2 square miles but it has attracted a long list of big names overs the years, looking to enjoy its unspoiled charm and beauty. This summer Cheryl Cole married her latest beau in a private ceremony on the island and it has long been a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Sir Paul McCartney.

The stunning scenery of the island is perfectly complemented by the surrounding waters which are inhabited by several coral reefs. Nature lovers can enjoy the lush beauty of the island and the wild inhabitants such as tortoises. With only 500 year-round inhabitants, Mustique offers pure Caribbean tranquillity.