Exploring Egypt: Intertwining Culture with Tropical Beaches

Exploring Egypt: Intertwining Culture with Tropical Beaches

Evidence suggests that Egypt’s famous pyramids might have been underwater at some point in history. Recently found fossil shells and other ancient structures at the Gaza plateau suggest this very fact. As Professor Ioannis Liritzis explains, the distribution of the fossil shells in the rocks is highly consistent with the setting in a seabed environment. This is just one of the many amazing facts about Egypt. Thanks to its many intact ancient monuments, it continues to be a place of great mystery and discovery. No wonder millions of tourists flock to the country every year.

After all, Egypt offers an unbeatable combination. Not only do they have some of the most impressive ancient man-made structures on the planet, their side of the Red Sea also boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in all of Africa. And whether it’s the history or relaxation you’re most interested in, why not try experiencing both on your next trip? They’re not that far from each other.

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The Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and many other ancient Egyptian structures can be found near Cairo in the city of Giza. This city is just about two hours away from the Suez Governorate as well as the Red Sea Governorate – both of which offer plenty of beach towns to visit.

There’s Ain Sokhna near the northern tip of the Suez Governorate, a well-known recreational destination that’s easily accessible from either Giza or Cairo. This town is known for affordable, clean, and simple beachfront resorts that offer health club amenities and dolphin watching opportunities.

Archaeologists have discovered that Ain Sokhna, along with its nearby Suez Governorate town of Wadi el-Jarf, were former sites of the oldest harbors in the world.

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Further down the coast is the town of Zaafarana in the Red Sea Governorate. This secluded desert town is the region’s windiest place, which is why it’s home to the local wind farm. It’s one of the plainest spots on the western coast of the Red Sea. However, because of minimal volume of tourists and natural presence of strong winds, it has become a favorite spot for kite and windsurfers.

Of course, no discussion about the Red Sea’s gorgeous western coast would be complete without mentioning El Gouna. Egyptian Streets points out that this tourist resort complex is a veritable modern oasis in the desert. Boasting 18 hotels, a golf course, its own hospital, a small private airport, a museum with 90 different exhibits, and a total of three marinas, there’s no way you’ll get bored at El Gouna. There are daily flights between the airports of Giza and El Gouna, and the flight takes just around an hour.

Make the most out of your Egypt exploration trip by combining its great tropical beaches with its fascinating cultural heritage. A trip to places like the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of Kings, and the Temple of Horus is not just an opportunity for sightseeing. It’s also a pilgrimage to a culture whose influence can be seen all over the world.

It is hard to underestimate how much impact Egyptian culture has had on the world. The Great Pyramids have become symbols of world history and are arguably the most famous ancient manmade structures in the world. In modern culture the pyramids have come to embody adventure and mystery, with many books, films, and games incorporating the famous structures into their storylines – most notably The Mummy films. This sense of adventure is also often used by marketing companies to expand their reach. Pyramid Quest for Immortality on Foxy Casino embraces the public desire for adventure by alluding to the hidden dangers that have become part of the structure’s folklore. It is this intrigue that brings visitors to Egypt’s pyramids, and subsequently its beaches.

With its rich heritage and picturesque beaches, Egypt has become on of the top tourist destinations in the world.

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