Enjoying the Old and New While in Rome

Enjoying the Old and New While in Rome

Without a doubt, Rome is a modern city. Yet it does not really feel like one. Many of the best ancient monuments are well-preserved. Importantly, the skyline around them has not been spoiled by skyscrapers, so the main areas of the city do not look very modern. As a result, a lot of people make the mistake of automatically assuming that Rome is really only for tourists who enjoy ancient history and culture. As you will see, that is certainly not the case.

This beautiful city actually has something to offer everyone. You can just as easily experience modern culture and pastimes. In fact, as you will see, often, you can combine the two.

Experience the opera

Opera was first performed in Italy, in around 1600. Therefore, it would be a real shame to visit Rome without buying yourself an opera ticket from here. The city offers you several ways to experience the operatic world. Naturally, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the classics being performed in the city´s beautiful opera houses. If you visit Rome in the summer, you can also enjoy an opera in the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla. These outdoor performances are impressive and are the perfect way to experience opera with a twist.

Tour with a local

If you want to see the real Rome, being taken around the city by someone who lives there is definitely a good idea. They will happily show you the traditional sights but they will also take you beyond the typical tourist haunts. There are some very knowledgeable private guides living in Rome. Most will tailor their tours to cover an aspect of the city that is of special interest to you. Three great examples are the underground life of Rome, the city´s film locations or Roman culture tours.

Eat with a local

For foodies, enjoying a meal cooked by a resident of Rome is a fantastic way to experience the true cuisine of the city. There are several apps, like Eatwith, that enable you to quickly find residents who invite people into their homes and give them a nice meal, at a reasonable price.

Learn to cook in Rome

On a rainy day, taking a cooking lesson is a fantastic way to pass the time and learn more about the city. There are several restaurants that offer you the chance to go behind the scenes and take a lesson. Some of the most interesting cooking classes are offered by private people who teach groups of tourists in their own home.

Tour the city´s street art

Rome is full of art galleries, with huge collections of classic paintings. If your tastes are more modern, a tour of the city´s street murals is a great idea. There are some really impressive works of arts dotted around the city, in some very unlikely places.

Visit some of Rome´s more quirky museums

There are some really interesting museums in Rome. Most of them, like the Murder museum and the Pasta museum, are not very big, but they are none the fascinating.

The above attractions and activities represent just a fraction of what Rome has to offer. It is a city that you can visit repeatedly without having to repeat an experience. You can get more ideas of what to do in this great city by reading this article.