7 Benefits of Having a Travel Blog

7 Benefits of Having a Travel Blog

Having a travel blog is something that many travelers aspire to. Setting up a travel blog needn’t be difficult or expensive, and little technical knowledge is required to start. There are many resources available online to help you when starting a travel blog. It’s easy to compare hosting companies, discover beautiful themes and get advice with regards to content creation, photography, social media, growing an audience, and monetization. Having a travel blog offers so many benefits.

1. Online Travel Journal

Whether you plan to turn your blog into a business or whether you want to keep folks back at home updated, your travel blog serves as an online journal of your adventures. Having a travel blog means that you can look back over your travels in years to come and relieve the happy memories. There’s no fear of forgetting the details or losing a traditional paper journal.

2. Possibility of Making Money

There are a number of ways that people can make money from a travel blog. Even if you don’t plan on turning your travel blog into a full-time business, a little extra cash certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing! From affiliate marketing and sponsored content to online sales and advertising, it is possible to turn your blog into a money-making site.

3. Chance of Getting Discounted or Free Travel

If you have a decent amount of readers companies may be willing to offer you free or discounted trips or experiences in return for exposure on your website. Of course, you’ll have to put in some work, such as writing a review or promoting images, but having a travel blog can help to keep the costs of discovering new places lower.

4. Incentive to Travel More and Differently

When you’re documenting your travels online for the world to see it can act as an incentive to travel to places that you may not otherwise have considered. A blog can help you to broaden your travel destinations and style of travel. Writing about your travels can make your experiences more meaningful and make you think more about how and why you travel.

5. Meaningful Hobby While on the Road

It can be easy when traveling for a long period to neglect to take time out to relax and sit still for a while. Many travelers burn out from trying to do much too quickly. Working on your blog can help to keep you grounded and give you a stable hobby and creative outlet wherever in the world you are.

6. Learning New Skills

Having a travel blog will develop your skills in various areas. Many of these skills are transferable and can help to open doors for future employment or freelance opportunities. Areas include writing, editing, photography and digital marketing.

7. Blogger Community

The travel blogger community is large yet still fairly intimate. Having a travel blog can help you to make like-minded friends and connect with people with similar interests to your own. Attending travel blog events can be a great way to meet new people, gain inspiration and find work opportunities. There are also numerous online forums and groups to join.

Why not take that first step and start your own travel blog? You’ll quickly find out the many joys and benefits that having a travel blog can bring!