5 Foodie Holidays To Feed Your Inner Explorer

5 Foodie Holidays To Feed Your Inner Explorer

Most of us will agree that one of the best things about going on holiday is getting to try all the amazing food and drinks that the destination you’re visiting is so famous for. There’s nothing better than trying a new and exciting traditional dish for the first time or sipping on a locally-bottled wine. If this sounds like you, then there’s no doubt you’ll love discovering these five foodie holidays that’ll feed your inner explorer.

  1. Thailand

Salt and pepper crab visiting Thailand, best places to visit in Thailand, Thai Songkran

You can’t get much fresher than the delicious food served to you in Thailand. Thai food is a taste sensation, using  local ingredients and made to order before your very eyes. Tuck into a mouth-watering Massaman curry in Krabi, a plate of Pad Thai noodles in Bangkok or explore the night market in Chiang Mai and sample some of the best street food in the country. For a special sweet treat, be sure to try some moreish mango sticky rice.

  1. Japan

Plan a holiday to Japan to experience tantalising teppanyaki and the rather unique concept of conveyor belt sushi. Just take your seat at the rotating belt and grab as many freshly-prepared raw fish dishes as you like! Japan certainly has some interesting local delicacies, from Udon noodles and Miso soup to tempura vegetables and green tea-flavoured sweets. Friendly restaurant owners will help you to navigate their menus, but identifying and shopping for food in a Japanese market is a whole different game entirely.

  1. Spain

Paella Ibiza


No matter where you visit in Spain, you’re going to be spoilt by all the amazing food options on offer to you. Spanish food is deliciously rich and full of flavor, which marries beautifully with the warm Mediterranean climate and fun holiday vibes. Taste tapas and sip sangria on the sun-soaked Costa del Sol, sample freshly-caught grilled fish and papas arrugadas on the Canary Islands or head to Valencia for the ultimate paella dish; where it originally came from.

  1. USA

It’s got to be said that the food in the United States is somewhat out of this world. Famous for huge portions and perhaps some not-so-healthy dishes, there’s no denying that the highlight of many people’s trip to America is all the incredible food. Head to Philadelphia for a Philly cheesesteak, New England for some clam chowder, Chicago for a deep dish pizza or New Orleans for the best Creole and Cajun delicacies you could ever wish to try.

  1. Italy

Erice, Sicily gelato

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about all the authentic local cuisine you’d get to indulge in while on holiday in Italy. Home of pizza, pasta, pannetone, tiramisu and gelato (oh, the gelato!) to name but a few; Italy is heaven on earth for foodies. But, of course, that’s just the food… It’s only right that you accompany your meal with a glass or two of the local wine, being as Italy is the world’s largest wine producer. Or perhaps a rich Italian coffee is more your style? One thing’s for sure; you’ll be wanting to pack some comfy clothes, designed for ample consumption.

You’ve read the list, now all that’s left to do is let your taste buds decide where to take you next.