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5 Different Holiday Destinations to Consider for Summer 2017

Spain, Portugal and the USA are the most popular destinations in the world for Irish holidaymakers. Perhaps you’ve even been to one of these places yourself? Well, it’s time to consider where you’re going to go to in 2017. But rather than going to the same old place as usual, why don’t you try something a little different? Here are five holiday destinations you should consider visiting this year.

1. Thailand

If you want to go somewhere with a completely different pace of life, why not check out Thailand? Thailand is a tropical paradise that’s brimming with white sandy beaches, dense jungles and bustling cities.

The locals are incredibly friendly, and the Buddhist influence in Thai culture makes it a wonderful place to visit as a tourist. You’ll be made welcome in cities and rural areas alike, and it’s a cheap destination for accommodation and food too.

Airlines fly from Ireland to Bangkok and Phuket with one stop, and you can choose to spend your time on the northern side of the island (getting up close and personal with exotic wildlife in the jungle), or the southern side of the island for lazy days and night-time parties on the beach. Or both!

2. Egypt

Egypt is a country soaked in as much history as sun, boasting incredible pyramids, tombs and structures as well as stunning scenery and coastlines. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advise against travel to certain regions but the tourist areas along the Nile River – including Luxor, Quina, Cairo and Hurghada – are accessible.

You’ll find lots of holidays to Egypt at low prices in 2017, with many resorts proving popular with tourists from the West. It will be hot in the summer, but you can make the most of the fantastic weather by exploring sand dunes by buggy before cooling off in the ocean by scuba-diving in the sea. Cairo is an incredibly city to explore, offering a glimpse into Egyptian culture, whereas the ancient Temple of Karnak in Luxor will leave a lasting impression in your memory forever.

3. Mexico

If you don’t mind a longer flight, why not head to Mexico? You’re guaranteed plenty of warm sunshine, great beaches and vibrant cities if you head to this destination, making it perfect for explorers, sunbathers and city goers alike. You could head to the mystical highlands of Chiapas, trek through the jungle or visit the tallest pyramid in the world (it’s located in Mexico, not Europe!), or you could head straight to the city of Cancun. Just off the coast of Cancun is an unusual underwater museum containing over 400 life-sized sculptures, placed there to encourage the growth of coral. Visitors can scuba dive on the coral reef and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience among colourful sea life.

4. Cuba

Until last year, Cuba was largely closed off for tourists. But now, tourists from the US and the rest of the world are beginning to see it as somewhere that’s truly worth visiting – and with good reason! You’ll need to be OK with sacrificing some modern creature comforts such as Wi-Fi and cash machines, but in exchange you’ll get to enjoy stunning architecture, wonderful art and catchy music. Immerse yourself in Cuba’s culture and way of life, and you’ll be guaranteed a very different kind of getaway to your usual holiday.

5. Sweden

If you’d prefer to spend a little less time on a plane, but still want to try something different, why not try Sweden? Sweden is somewhere most of us associate with winter getaways, but summer in Stockholm is excellent. The city is buzzing with young people hanging out in cafes, and the fashion, art and interior design will leave you feeling inspired too. There are great B&B’s and private apartments, you can stay in,too. The Guestroom – Bed and breakfast in Stockholm will help you find the perfect place. Be sure to spend long enough to sample the food in a few different restaurants too: Stockholm has an up and coming food scene, and there’s a whole lot more to Swedish dining than meatballs as this article suggests.